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Eva Wright

Classes TBA
-Tai Chi Fundamentals


Pat Culotti

Currently teaching primarily in the Milwaukee area and at the Tai Chi Center for special events and workshops.


Doug Brown

Doug has directed the Tai Chi Center since 2006. His primary teachers have been Tricia Yu and her staff including Bruce Aunet, Stanley Dodson, Gabrielle Byers, Laurie McKean, with further influence from workshops with Ben Lo, William C.C. Chen, Adam Mizner, and others. Teacher trainings in the Tai Chi Fundamentals with Tricia, Pat Culotti, and Rachel Sandretto have informed his analysis and teaching practices as has push hands practice with the Tai Chi Center community, particularly with Brendan Jenks. Doug Teaches Cheng Man Ch'ing's 37 postures (aka Yang short form), "Taiwan form", Yang Long Form, Tai Chi Fundamentals, Push Hands.


Bruce Aunet

Bruce has been active at the Tai Chi Center since the 1990's initially as a student and then as a teacher, primarily of Cheng Man Ch'ing's 37 postures and Push Hands.

Steven Spiro

Wednesday Evening - QiGong (Breathing Earth Qigong)


Jodi Curley

Emeritus, currently teaching independently, on Zoom only.

Rachel Sandretto

Wednesday 10: a.m.  Tai Chi Fundamentals
Rachel Sandretto began her interest in martial arts studying Tae Kwon Do in various locales before settling in Madison and taking up Tai Chi.  She was Certified in the Tai Chi Fundamentals® by Tricia Yu and Pat Culotti in 2013. Rachel also works as an editor of others' writing, avidly purging extranneous exclamation points from writers with less restraint, and pursues her own writing in political philosophy. Other activities include rock climbing, kayaking, hiking and "anything outdoors"!

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