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We're glad and grateful you're here!

There are many ways to participate:

•Become a Member

• Single or Special Classes & Events

• Volunteer

• Donate

If you plan to take classes regularly to learn and reinforce your Tai Chi or Qigong practice, becoming a member is the easiest and most cost effective way:

One flat monthly fee covers however many classes you want to attend, in-person and on Zoom.

Drop-ins, Special Classes, Workshops

Purchase "drop in" attendance, special classes, events or workshops not part of our regular schedule.

If you are a beginner wanting to learn tai chi we recommend becoming a member.

Become a Member



Donations help keep the lights on, improve all we do, beautify and maintain our space. More importantly, they lift our spirits by telling us our work is valued.

For in-kind contributions, please email or call to arrange. Thanks!


We will need your help! There's much to do to keep the Tai Chi Center clean, beautiful, functioning smoothly and welcoming to all. Volunteer coordinating is perhaps the first task we need help with. If that interests you, please send an email or call. Thanks!

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